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Upload any document securely to TRS

If you have set up a secure member account on the TRS website, you can now electronically upload any completed TRS forms to our offices in Springfield.

Before the expansion of the upload service, members had to mail paper forms to TRS. Now, instead of days, the transmission of documents takes seconds. No need for postage and a trip to the post office.

Under our original “upload” system, members could transmit only four documents to TRS: one for rolling over an Early Retirement Option refund to another savings account; applications to the two member “buyout” programs and birth certificates necessary for the proper administration of benefits.

Now, in addition to those forms, all other TRS documents can be completed and then uploaded directly to Springfield, including completed Retirement Applications, TRIP Participation Election forms and Depository Agreements for TRS Benefit Payments forms.

Not only is this expanded upload capability easier for you to use, direct transmission cuts down on the paper mail that TRS receives daily and must scan by hand into the computer system. Reducing processing steps makes TRS more efficient and cost effective. Since the expansion of the upload service, incoming paper mail to TRS has been reduced by 24 percent.

To reach the document upload function:

  • Go to “Member Login” on the homepage and access your secure account.
  • From your member account page, find “Member Services” from the choices on the left.
  • Under “Member Services,” select “Document Upload.”
  • Follow all of the directions on that page to successfully upload your document to TRS.
  • You will see five options – four specifically named forms and “Other.”
  • If the form you want to upload is one of those that is named specifically, use that option.
  • If the form you want to upload is not one of those named on the screen, use “Other.”